Vegas Text Effect

Today’s freebie is a modern detailed Photoshop Vegas effect. This PSD text effect to help you create beautiful typography. Just type your text in the PSB file…

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  • GP308

    The light doesn’t get replaced with the new text even though the entire text does get replaced once the smart object is updated. Please help. I love this freebie, but the light on the vegas just doesn’t get replaced with new text. I use Photoshop CS6.

  • misterk

    this is beautiful, but the magic is in the lights — and if these have to hand placed, well, then this effect is really no effect at all…unless one wants to simply use the word ‘Vegas’.
    thank you for this, perhaps you might consider a v2 with autopopulating lights? now that would be saleable.

  • Franco Sarachu


  • Thanks for this lovely vintage mockup. Wish you could get the lights too automatically… but still love it!!!

  • Thanks <3

  • Nathan Leite

    How I do something????? I download but I can´t make anything. PLEASE ANSWER ME

    • Yo

      You have to do this: 1)
      Double click on the first layer’s thumbnail
      2) another window is gonna pop up, it has the text vegas
      3) Edit that text with the word or phrase you wanna use on your design.
      4) save it and close it, the window that has the effect will update automatically with the text you wrote on step 3

      you’re welcome

  • Olivia Zibéri

    what is the font please? thank you